How To Apply For Florida Nursing Home Diversion Program

Ok you have reviewed the criteria for the Nursing Home Diversion Program and have decided that you or your loved one qualifies for the program and you want to apply where should you start? To qualify for the program there are actually two different department’s that will determine if you qualify the first one is Cares(Comprehensive Assessment and Review for Long-Term Care Services)  which is run by the Department of Elder Affairs once they receive the application they will send someone out to evaluate the applicant and determine if the applicant meets the medical criteria of the program. The second part has to do with Medicaid if you already have full Medicaid then you can skip this part if not then you must apply for Medicaid with the Department of Children and Families.

Step 1

Get the proper forms to be filled out and mailed to the Department of Elder Affairs so someone from CARES can come out and evaluate the applicant the forms are available below. Once you have the forms you then should get your  information handy such as (Personal info,Dr Info,Medical Info) then you will be ready to begin the application. The CARES Application is made up of different parts that include an Intake sheet which is just to provide your basic info,and and  Informed Consent which requires your signature to give consent to be evaluated by Cares and allow them to review your medical records both forms are really easy to fill out.

Step 2

There is a part that you will be unable to fill out the  3008 form must be filled by your health care provider.  Some providers are less cooperative than others and will need a little more pushing and reminding. If your provider has a large practice it would be a good idea to make an Appointment and talk with them face to face about the importance of this form.Make sure that you explain the importance and that they completely fill out the form and include as many details about your diagnosis and condition as possible as this will improve your case for receiving services.

Step 3

Once you have all of the paperwork complete take the time to give it one more final review making sure that everything is completely filled out and all consent’s requiring signatures are signed off. Then you are ready to mail the nursing home diversion application. The forms must be sent to the department of elder affairs in your area .To locate the address of the CARES office in your area use this Map .All in all The process is not that difficult and if the person being applied for is currently in a nursing home,assisting living facility the staff should be able to help you and even fill out the application for you!

Step 4

Needs to be completed only if you already don’t already have full Medicaid. If you don’t then you need to fill out a medicaid application online at the Department of Children & Families Access Florida website. The application process is simple if you get your information together before you start for example wages,expenses,list of assets. Here is a good video to help guide you through the Medicaid application process. Hopefully this was helpful and good luck with your application!

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State Vetos Federal Nursing Home Diversion Funds

A Florida legislative panel Friday rejected millions in federal money designed to help remove patients from nursing homes and provide them with similar care in their own homes.

The panel turned down a $2.1 million federal grant that would have fully paid for administrative costs to pave the way for Florida to receive an additional $35.7 million in federal Medicaid funding. Those dollars would pay for nursing home diversions of disabled and elderly patients over the next five years.

The money was offered this year to Florida and 12 other states as part of the federal health care overhaul law that Florida is challenging in court. They were invited to join 29 states and the District of Columbia, which already participate in the Money Follows the Person demonstration program.

Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, had recommended accepting the grant although he’s been a leading opponent of the federal law, but the GOP-majority commission rejected it on a split vote.

Members from the Senate voted 4-3 to accept it, with two Republicans and two Democrats in favor and three Republicans against. The proposal died, though, because House members opposed it on a straight party-line 5-2 vote. Such budget amendments must get approval from both chambers’ commission delegations.

Rep. Robert Schenck, a Spring Hill Republican who chairs the House Health and Human Services Committee, said the federal program, which tracks individual patients, is unnecessary and duplicates the Florida nursing home diversion program efforts.

Commission chairwoman Denise Grimsley, a Sebring Republican who also heads the House Appropriations Committee, agreed.

“I realize that they are federal dollars, but they are also taxpayer dollars,” Grimsley said.

Senate Democratic Leader Nan Rich of Weston had urged the panel to accept the grant, which was expected to result in about 1,700 nursing home transfers.

“Anyone that is pulled out would save us Medicaid money in the long run,” Rich said. “It also would put people in a better place.”

The commission’s approval is needed for spending authority not included in the annual state budget.

The economic incentives, code-named “Project Equis” and “Project Christmas,” won unanimous approval although some members were uneasy about the secretiveness.

“This whole process gives me heartburn,” Rich said. “There’s no transparency here.”

It’s going to get even more secretive after July 1, when a new law gives the governor authority to offer incentives up to $5 million without the commission’s approval.

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New Nursing Home Diversion Slots Coming!

Legislature has recently approved a bill for new funding for healthcare.

The new legislature’s health care budget is now operating on $29.9 billion for the 2011-12 fiscal year which runs from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012, resulting in a $1.4 billion increase over last year’s budget.

The Agency for Health Care Administration will operate on a $22.3 billion budget, which is an increase of $1.5 billion over last year.

This will positively affect The Florida  Nursing Home Diversion Program by making $17.8 million available for an additional 1,000 slots in the nursing home diversion program funded by a cut in funding to nursing homes. This will bring total slots to 18,350 and will allow over 19,000 individuals to be served in the 2011-2012.

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Time To Choose A Drug Plan

It’s that time of year for medicare recipient’s to select a medicare part d drug plan during the Open Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug Coverage  is Jan 1. - Mar. 31 of each year. Anyone eligible for Medicare Part A and/or Part B can enroll or switch MAPDs during the OEP.the open enrollment period. Individuals on the Florida Nursing Home Diversion Program are dual eligible and my also change plans if they are currently unhappy with the plan they are on. Plans are all a little different some might not cover certain medications it is important to review all of the choices available in the state. Take your time and make sure you are selecting the best plan for you, it might be a good idea to talk to your pharymacist because they usally have a good idea on which plans they have seen work the best for there customers and they will be able to look at your prescriptions and be able to make suggestions based on that.It might also be a good idea to check with your Florida nursing home diversion program case worker and see if they can maybe make some suggestions.If you are currently happy with your current plan make sure to contact them to see what if any changes they have for this year, so you surprised down the road by something.

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Slow Down Big Time In New Diversion Cases

If you have applied for the Diversion program over the past four months there is a good chance that you are still on the waiting list!This is very puzzling and there is really no way of getting a good explanation on what is the hold up.New money was approved for this year but the number of approved cases is way down.The effect can be seen from the elderly individuals that are having trouble finding Assisting Living Facilities to meet there low budgets and not to mention the ones that are occupying nursing home beds for the fact the can’t afford Assisting Living  to the Assisting Living Facility Owners   with smaller 5 to 10 bed facilities that are closing there doors for the fact that without the diversion program the just can’t make ends meet.Why would the state of Florida design a program and give all of these people false hope, is beyond me. The program is like a big secret we don’t know much  when it comes down to how to money is disbursed and who calls the shots on making slots available.It would be nice for the state to provide the community and facility operators with monthly updates on where the program stands instead of the public and it’s seniors being left in the dark. I get thousands of emails a month with the same question is the program still running , unfortunately I don’t know and your local CARES office usually doesn’t know ,they always refer to Tallahassee.Well Tallahassee I’m asking you is the program still running and why is it that sometimes the slots are flowing freely like the Mississippi and some months it’s frozen like the north pole?

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As January 16 Applicants On Hold

I have a received a letter from the department of elder affairs stating the following:

the purpose of this memorandum is to inform long-term care community diversion pilot project ( diversion program) contractors, comprehensive assessment and review for long-term care services supervisors, an aging resource Center’s that the diversion program has reach its and Roman capacity based on the legislatively approved budget for state fiscal year 2008- 2009. As a result the department is constructing its cares staff to discontinue accepting new referrals after January 16, 2009 two is sure to diversion program does not exceed its legislative funding authority.

Diversion Program referrals made after January 16, 2009 will be placed on the enrollment management system until further notice.


As contrary to my previous post it looks like this year will be a little slower than last year. I expect some kind of government bail out in the future to resolve this situation. Make sure you come back and visit this site for up-to-date information.

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IsThe Diversion Program still Running?





Over the past couple of days it has been brought to my attention that the diversion program is closed. It is funny how Mis-information can spread like a wildfire. The program is still up and running applications are still being accepted and evaluations are still being done and people are continuing to be approved for the program. If you can remember for those of you who are in the long-term care business about a year ago the Program was more difficult to get on and the waiting list was much longer, well after speaking to a few reliable sources we are back in that mode. So what does this mean it means that there will be a waiting list once again and spots will be released as other enrollees come off of the program. Which also means that the criteria will stricken, those applicants who are in poorer health will have first priority. Also I expect around June or July for the spots that are left, will be more easily available as has been the process in the recent years. So no the program is not closed and still does exist but expect much longer wait times to get it approved on the Florida nursing home diversion program.

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How To Apply For Florida Mediciad Online

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Applying for SSI


In the state of Florida many Social Security recipients are not aware that they qualified for some extra money through Social Security via form which is called SSI please view the following video which is one of the free videos that is available to you when you sign up to be on our mailing list.


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Florida Nursing Home Diversion Program Cut by 2 Percent



Last Wednesday Florida’s legislature passed a $2.8 billion budget deficit-elimination package.In this package Florida’s nursing home diversion program , which is aprogram that helps frail seniors stay at home instead of nursing homes will be cut by 2 percent, leaving those on a waiting list without services.The Florida nursing home diversion program has been very successful in saving the state millions of dollars that is why the move is very surprising you would not expect the state to cut a program that is actually saving them money. The effects from this cut could end up costing the state millions instead of savings. Last year hundreds of seniors were left with no choice but to move to nursing homes or on a hospice program, many also passed away on the waiting list. What this will mean to new applicants is that the more medically needy applicants will be first priority it will be a lot tougher to qualify for the Florida nursing home by version program in the next coming year. The program as provided thousands of seniors with homebound care and assisted living care which is way more cheaper than nursing home care. So for new applicants please do not read this and be discouraged but do not delay and file your applications now is the time before the cuts take effect in Florida’s elderly start to feel the results of these cuts. Please contact me if you have any questions or need applications for the program.


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